Published in The Muskogee Phoenix February 3, 10 & 17, 2017
Aspen Mini Storage, Aspen Mini Storage, located at 1918 N 11th St. Muskogee, Oklahoma will hold a Public Sale on February 20th, 2017 at 11 AM. The contents of the occupant’s leased space will be sold to satisfy the owners/operators lien in accordance with Section 191-200, Title 42 of the Oklahoma Statues. Bids will be accepted and awarded on the day of sale. Owner reserves the right to refuse any bid on the entire contents of the leased space. Terms are CASH ONLY. Successful bidders must remove property on the day of the sale. The following spaces contain furnishings, boxes, and misc. items.
#20 Deanna Hernandez Muskogee, OK
#41 & 58 Demetres Thomas Muskogee, OK
#50 Chilis Muskogee, OK
#59 Kimber Sheppard Muskogee, OK
#69 Gerrie Lewis Porter, OK
#88 James Greer Muskogee, OK
#105 Mary Spears Muskogee, OK
#110 Julia Cheater Muskogee, OK
#116 Jeremy Duncan Muskogee, OK
#120 Cole Wheeler Checotah, OK
#130 Tyrone Allen Muskogee, OK
#132 Zachary Swick Muskogee, OK
#153 Wanda Logan Muskogee, OK
#162 Corrine Dukes Muskogee, OK
#251 Enola Justice Muskogee, OK
#259 Chinette Marshall Muskogee, OK
#263 Janet Parks Muskogee, OK
#264 Teri Jarrett Muskogee, OK
#302 Elrina Gaines Muskogee
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PostedFebruary 03, 2017